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Le kitesurf étant une jeune discipline, on entend rarement parler de l’entraînement de ces athlètes. Je suis vraiment heureuse de vous proposer l’entrevue que JESSE RICHMAN a bien voulu m’accorder à ce sujet. Vous verrez que son entraînement fait parti de son mode de vie, je le cite “Fitness is my life”. C’est également intéressant de voir que c’est crucial pour sa performance en Kitesurf. Bonne lecture!

Jesse Richman_ouikiteHow many times a week do you exercise? 

It really depends on where I am. It is really hard to maintain a consistent workout program when you are travelling and on the road most of the time. When I am at home on Maui, I try to train in the gym at least four times a week. I do however spend the majority of every day at home doing very intensive sport related activities. When I am on the road I always bring my hard foam roller. I try to roll out at least every morning and night and then do a simple workout as often as possible.

Do you follow a program consistently and if not do you feel a change in your kitesurf performance?  

For me rolling out with the foam roller every day has made a huge difference and I noticed it majorly if I don’t do that for a few days. I feel good when I am doing something very psychically demanding so I try to make every day a hard work out. When I don’t end up doing anything for more then a day I feel like total poop and notice it with everything I do. Long term I see a direct reflection with my workout program and kite performance. The better shape you are in, the better potential you have to kite long, harder faster and mainly prevent injury.

Do you change your fitness regimen before a Kitesurf competition? 

I try to plan my workout routine with all my events in mind, especially a big contest. I will set very high goals for myself peaking my routine about 10 days before the event and then just minimal workouts and rest.


Jesse Richman 2What does your training consist of? What are 2 of your favorite moves? 

I have the pleasure of working with Upcountry Fitness, the best training center in the world located on Maui’s north shore.  My trainer there helps me put together the best training programs suited for me and my body.  My two favorite moves?? hmmm, Well, I would say I love going as  fast as I can with the ribbed and wighted hula hoop on a balance ball. I also get excited when I get to climb things.

What is your vision of health, do you have a philosophy or someone who really inspire you to stay in shape?

I am really inspired by anyone who has the strength to push themselves both mentally and physically. I get so motivated by other people going past their limits,  it’s a great reminder to me that it can be done. So when I’m at my limits, I know that the only way to push is forward. When you conquer your goals and go beyond what you thought was possible, it’s the best feeling you can have.

Thanks so much Jesse for this interview! I’m sure you have motivated a lot of people to include more workout in their life!

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